Andreas-Oblasser-(1)        Christian-Deimbacher-(12)
Andreas Oblasser                         Christian Deimbacher

Christian-Waldner-(8)          Dietmar-Westreicher-(5)
Christian Waldner                          Dietmar Westreicher




our history

foundation of the ensemble, first concerts

Competition „Musik in kleinen Gruppen“ (competition for ensembles in Austria)
– 1. Prize – highest score

first tour – concerts and church concerts.

composition for the euphonium-tuba quartet by Jack Stroeher. World premiere
of the piece „Philidorian Jazz Suite“ in congress-hall in Innsbruck and in Obergurgl.

Live recording of the Philidorian Jazz Suite:
1. Part: Mr. Adams

2.Part: Cafe de la Regence

3. Part: The sacrifice of Stefen K.

CD-production „Blow“ – great success and fantastic feedback by television and
radio. Christmas concerts in St. Johann and Carinthia and Tirol.
Interview of the Fat-Lips with Hermann Pallhuber ORF Radio Tirol.

new programm „007“: changing in to a 6-part-tuba ensemble (3 euph, 3 tub).
concerts in Bad Häring, Thaur, Kematen, Innsbruck.

production of the new  CD „lipt the world“

International competition of brass ensembles – prize of the european town Passau
– final round and „Förderpreis“!!

ITEC 2012 – International Euphonium and Tuba Conference in Linz (Austria)
International competition of brass ensembles – prizep of the european town Passau
– final round and „Förderpreis“ (hervorragend)!

….but there’s another (true) story of the beginning of fat lips ….
A long time ago, there was a F-Tuba with 4 perinet valves and one rotary valve.
One day the lonesome F-Tuba met a ES-Tuba with 4 perinet valves. First the
F-Tuba couldn’t believe that the ES-Tuba sounds so great. And so they played
a little bit together. Hmmm, that was really very fine. But in these years it was
very boring playing in a Duo and on one day the F-Tuba met an Euphonium.
This Euphonium could play higher than the Tuba. So the F-Tuba thought:
„Why don’t we play in a threesome! That could be funnier. In the beginning
the tree horns had a lot of fun. The Euphonium could play so high it wants.
Great time. But the two tuba were too powerful and always too loud.
Now the Euphonium was verý sad. It wanted to have partner.
The Euphonium put now an advert in the paper. A lot of Euphoniums wanted
to play with the sad Euphonium, but it was very choosey. One of these days
the Euphonium was together with a other Euphonium.
Now the 4 played together.
……… and it was really perfect. So the Tubas weren’t to loud, and the
Euphoniums could play so hight and fast they want.
They had a lot of fun……….

10 – years – jubilation: Many concerts, concerts and concerts 🙂